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We can help you transform your savings into more reliable and consistent income that can last throughout retirement.

positive golferpositive golfer ★★★★★ David has the best teaching attitude that is very patient until you fully understand.Sense doing business with him I have not worry about the financial markets.Don’t hesitate to do business with him because you will be in fantastic hands.E. W. Golden, Lakeland Tennessee.Ken BurnetteKen Burnette ★★★★★ My wife and I had a consultation with the McAdams group after going to a seminar. We found the entire group to be knowledgeable, professional and personable. With their help, we have developed new insights into our portfolio and are better positioned for the future.Ken and Susie BurnetteDebra StegallDebra Stegall ★★★★★ David and his team have managed our investments for over 3 years! He explains everything in our terms and it has been a fantastic outcome year by year. I highly recommend McAdams group to handle your finances.David GreeneDavid Greene ★★★★★ I had an excellent financial review with the McAdams Group. They instilled confidence in me that I was on the right track and gave guidiance to my plan to assure I was maximizing the small investment that i have. THANX to DAVID MCADAMS .David Greene, BartlettaGene BelotserkovskyGene Belotserkovsky ★★★★★ My wife and I attended every webinar and searched and interviewed at least two dozen retirement advisors in our last year before retirement.McAdams Group was somewhere in the middle of our search, but we kept coming back to them.David managed to make sense of all those convoluted financial concepts, that seemed incomprehensible when presented by other advisors.The biggest selling point though was that they did not offer a “one size fits all” solution.They actually listened to us and kept adjusting to our goals until we were all satisfied.Now, I am happy to report that while the markets go up and down, our balance is consistently up and ahead of inflation!Our only regret is that we did not contact McAdams while we were still working.Now I tell all my friends to get in touch with them as soon as possible and not when retirement is near.Patti EasonPatti Eason ★★★★★ I have found David McAdams to be of the highest integrity. He guided us in estate planning and made an age appropriate financial plan that was perfect for our needs. He took the time to explain our options on a level that we could understand. He is trustworthy and I highly recommend him. In addition, his office staff is always very courteous and helpful.Robert YatesRobert Yates ★★★★★ My wife and I have been using McAdams Group LLC since 2017. The one regret we have is that we did not meet David until that time and wish we had been aware of his outstanding staff and superlative expertise years earlier. I retired in 2018 *(after having used his services for one year).Once retired, we turned over our entire portfolio. I am being serious when I say that in every one of our sessions with David we can not think of a single misstep in his advice. I have used “several” financial advisory groups in the past forty years or so and none have come close to the unique understanding that David has for setting up “income producing” plans that must perform for a person or family that is entering into “retirement”. He fully understands that we work hard for our money and expect nothing less from an advisory firm. Once you sit down and talk with David McAdams you sense an ethical family man who genuinely works to make you retirement life your best years.sue alexandersue alexander ★★★★★ Always welcoming and pleasant in front office. We get excellent investing skills from Richard Burt. He is always interested in our concerns, plus he feels like a friend. We have also used McAdams for tax return, which also went wellKathy NelmsKathy Nelms ★★★★★ We had a wonderful experience with Angela setting up our Living Trust Plan. We appreciate her help and guidance. Now, we feel comfortable with our Estate Plan.willie walkerwillie walker ★★★★★ Very friendly,great staff,good folks,to work with,tops in professionalismAnnie DortchAnnie Dortch ★★★★★ Great service and friendly staff, I had an excellent experience.Henry DacusHenry Dacus ★★★★★ Highly recommend the professional team of financial teachers and investment specialists at McAdams.Shirley VaughnShirley Vaughn ★★★★★ I would like to encourage anyone looking for a friendly, trustworthy, and very knowledgeable financial planner you should call David McAdams. Not only does he explain everything completely but in terms even new investors will understand. I feel my financial future is in the best hands possible and I can’t express how thankful I am that David and his wonderful team are looking out for me. Call them today! You won’t regret it!Gary VaughnGary Vaughn ★★★★★ We have been with McAdams Group for around two years now and are very pleased and comfortable with the strategy that David introduced to us. His team is the very best; you will always get an answer to your question from someone that knows. I urge anyone who is curious, or uncertain about their current financial path to call David McAdams for a consultation.Ann RootAnn Root ★★★★★ Angela was great to work with and made a complicated estate planning process relatively easy.Aaron MitchellAaron Mitchell ★★★★★ David and his team have managed our family’s finances for the past 5 years. I love the way he engages you and really tries to teach you basic principles- then moves to more advanced theories as you grow together. It truly is a wonderful relationship. His staff is always kind and smiling. Emails are always promptly returned. I also LOVE his radio program every week. I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.Don ZeiglerDon Zeigler ★★★★★ Outstanding Service, Professional. Staff is wonderful. Everyoneis a pleasure to know.Victor GasiorVictor Gasior ★★★★★ Very happy to have been referred to David and his team. Very pleased with his strategies and thoroughness in explaining that strategy. The entire staff is friendly and a pleasure to work with.nancy detlingnancy detling ★★★★★ Gary LemmonsGary Lemmons ★★★★★ Proactive support, actively engaged and great advise toward our retirement goalsSuzan WatsonSuzan Watson ★★★★★ Love working with the McAdams group. They were so helpful in getting me ready for retirement from every angle. David explained each step of the process, laying out the different options, and setting us up with a strategy we could be comfortable with. We were not forgotten after the main part was complete. They contact us regularly, help us review where we are, lay out other options that may interest us, but never pressure us to do anything we are not comfortable with. The entire staff is always helpful and courteous. It has been the best decision we could have made to meet our financial needs.Jean HicksJean Hicks ★★★★★ I have worked with this client Moana for 18 years. Have had excellent service. Recently my husband died and they reached out to review my financial situation and make sure I am ok.Lisa AustinLisa Austin ★★★★★ We have done business with this group for at least 15 years. David and Gary have been wonderful to work with as well as their staff. Always friendly and always returns your phone calls. They have never steered us wrong yet so we are very happy!Kevin BennettKevin Bennett ★★★★★ We are grateful to have found the McAdams Group! They steered us in the right direction in retirement. Everyone is extremely professional, knowledgeable, friendly and efficient. They are more than willing to listen to our questions and concerns and address every one of them. We feel like our financial goals and plans are in good hands.Gary YochumGary Yochum ★★★★★ We were very fortunate to meet David in 2018 as we both were moving toward retirement. From the beginning, David and his team have provided excellent guidance on our financial planning issues and investments. If you’re looking for an advisor who offers you facts, not fiction, about your financial planning, please make sure to contact David. Based on our experience, you’ll be glad that you did.Marths HerrimanMarths Herriman ★★★★★ Great professional staff. Love these folksDawn BrownleeDawn Brownlee ★★★★★ Very kind and considerate people! We appreciate all the help that the McAdams Group has given us with our goals, organization skills and putting us on the right path!Thank you!Anthony SaccaroAnthony Saccaro ★★★★★ I have known Dave McAdams for over a decade and his character is what attracted me to his firm. The advice he has given has been absolutely spot on and trustworthiness. I would highly recommend his firm to anyone seeking tax or financial help!Larry BrayLarry Bray ★★★★★ David and his staff are very client friendly, attentive to detail, very professional and easy to work with. I would highly recommend them to others.Susannah WoodSusannah Wood ★★★★★ Elizabeth HaleElizabeth Hale ★★★★★ The entire staff is highly knowledgeable, warm, welcoming, and happy to help in a timely manner.Allen GreenAllen Green ★★★★★ I have done budiness with David McAdans for 4 years. I have always found him to be well organized,, efficient and professional.Vital Business ServicesVital Business Services ★★★★★ McAdams Group is a very reliable team! When I visit their office all the staff is pleasant and attentive to my needs. David is extremely knowledgeable in his field and always available to answer questions in a timely manner.Stacy BallingerStacy Ballinger ★★★★★ The entire team is polite, friendly and just all around wonderful! Great group of professionals that I would recommend to anyone searching for investment/retirement planning advice.Peak Capital ManagementPeak Capital Management ★★★★★ I have know Dave over ten years and spent a lot of time in a study group with him. Extremely knowledgeable regarding financial planning and tax matters. Michael Burleigh.Leigh BarnesLeigh Barnes ★★★★★ I’ve been working with David McAdams for over 18 years .I’ve loved his incredible advise and amazing wisdom.I wouldn’t trust anyone else to work with.Rachel HutchisonRachel Hutchison ★★★★★ Great group of professionals! The entire team is polite, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend to anyone searching for investment/retirement planning or tax advice.David WidemireDavid Widemire ★★★★★ A group is only as strong as its weakest member. Having said this Gary Osing is a part of a group that has no weak link. He is always willing to help you no matter how large or small the endeavor. Would i recommend McAdams Group and Mr. Gary Osing? without question and no reservations.Peter MoranPeter Moran ★★★★★ I have known Gary Osing for at least 15 years. Gary is the ultimate professional. He is an outstanding resource for information and advice.P. MoranJim LineweaverJim Lineweaver ★★★★★ I’ve known Dave for a long time and he’s very knowledgeable and trustworthy. Clients should rest assured that he is working hard on their behalf.Myra SellersMyra Sellers ★★★★★ Very personable and professional. Excellent response time to questions and requested information.Mark BeckerMark Becker ★★★★★ I have been fortunate to know Gary Osing for over 17years. An extremely honest professional who has some sage advice when it comes to retirement planning. But most important is that I have respect for Gary as a kind, caring human being who has given me cause advice when my world was in disarray. A trusted friend and advisor.Charles GloverCharles Glover ★★★★★ John ShewmakeJohn Shewmake ★★★★★ I have known Gary Osing for more than 21 years and have always found him a good counsel who is forthright, honest and will always do what is right. Gary is a good person with a kind heart an an excellent listener.Venus NailsVenus Nails ★★★★★ Greg WallaceGreg Wallace ★★★★★ So far so good. We have been with the McAdams group for just over a year as of Aug, 2021. We are not of retirement age yet (I’m 48 and my wife is 46) but we wanted to find someone now so we are not looking for someone like David when the time comes. You do not want to be looking for a retirement specialist 2 weeks before you retire or think you can retire. Finding the right person to help you with your retirement finances is a serious matter and the more time you can spend doing so will save you lots of heartache later on. Saving for retirement should be something you start early on in your life (ideally in your 20’s), do not wait until you are in your 50’s to take this stuff seriously. David and his team can help you accomplish your goals. Meeting with a financial retirement specialist as soon as you can, way before you think you are going to retire, is very important. Time is something you can not rewind. The earlier you go see someone like the McAdams group the better off you will be I promise. Do not blindly go into retirement thinking you know everything without first getting a second opinion or even a third opinion, heck even a forth. David and his team will gladly meet with you several times to answer all your questions before you make the decision of using their services. I believe they will do their best to help you anyway they can when it comes to succeeding in retirement. I could go on about why this sort of thing is important, but if you want to retire someday, it would be a good idea to get with someone like the McAdams Group to help you with your goals. The sooner the better.Marilyn MagnusMarilyn Magnus ★★★★★ We have known Richard Burt for around 14 years. As seniors, we are very serious about our financial planning and retirement. We have had great confidence in the advice Richard has given us. We feel comfortable that our investment decisions, based on Richard’s advice, are right where we should be. Thanks Richard for caring and always being responsive and professional.Al CaicedoAl Caicedo ★★★★★ If experience & trust is important to you, then this is your firm! This group will always put your best interest first!MsQassisMsQassis ★★★★★ I have known Richard for many years now, and I have never met someone who cares so much about his career, clients, and company. He’s charismatic and caring. The confidence he has in finances is amazing! If I ever need an accountant, he’s most definitely my first pick.Elaina MagnusElaina Magnus ★★★★★ Richard is one of the most professional and honest people I know. Personal finances and retirement can be overwhelming and my husband and I find it really hard to trust anyone who really looks out for their clients and what’s best for them. Richard truly listened to our goals and objectives and found creative ways to get us there. Truly recommend! Don’t go anywhere else!Dan McAdamsDan McAdams ★★★★★ Would definitely recommend. Very knowledgeable about investments taxes estate planning. Has been a great asset to my planning needs. Great staff, friendly, helpful, responsive Full disclosure. I’m a client and was not paid for this reviewTim CTim C ★★★★★ I have a little different perspective, Dave was a client of mine years ago. We originated a self storage REIT that did quite well and Dave offered it to his clients who also did well. So, because of the side of the business I’m in, I know probably 2000 financial advisors. As you can imagine, Dave will do his due diligence on the funds that he offers, and I do my due diligence on those offering our funds. With so many advisors I can’t work with all of them so I must be picky with whom I chose to spend time and eliminate 85% of them. I can say emphatically that David is smart, honest, disciplined and thorough. But, just as important, he actually cares about his clients. A rare breed indeed.Karolyn McDonaldKarolyn McDonald ★★★★★ Very pleased!! Incredibly professional & knowledgeable. Explained all of my options in a way that easy to understand.Highly recommend.AA AgemyAA Agemy ★★★★★ Dave and his team want to do it right! Their heart is for the client! Love that he’s a TRUE fiduciary!Phillip RodriguezPhillip Rodriguez ★★★★★ I have worked with the office for a a few years now and wanted to say the office staff and Dave have always been pleasant and easy to work with.Andrea HallAndrea Hall ★★★★★ Very professional staff. Their timing and response was phenomenal.strawberry '_'strawberry ‘_’ ★★★★★ Jack HunterJack Hunter ★★★★★ Highly professional organization. Knowledgeable and helpful.Highly recommend McAdams Group for any financial needs you may have.Olivia MichelleOlivia Michelle ★★★★★ Professional and informative; friendly staffScott McLeanScott McLean ★★★★★ I’ve known and worked with Dave for over 16 years. Not only is Dave highly educated and well versed in all sorts of finance and tax but his office staff is incredibly helpful and easy to work with.Ty HendersonTy Henderson ★★★★★ David McAdams and his team have always been great to work with. I have worked with David for approximately 10 years and can say the operation is first class. Definitely recommended.Russ StoneRuss Stone ★★★★★ I am in a similar business from CT. Dave and his partners are often featured at our study groups and conference meetings. Dave McAdams is a pros, pro . He is grounded and balanced in his use of his knowledge and freely shares his views to help others.Chris HallChris Hall ★★★★★ Awesome group! They know their business and they’re always available to help!Green Papaya PalaceGreen Papaya Palace ★★★★★ Professional, and attentive.ben ironsben irons ★★★★★ Extremely personal attention, and detailed reviews of our goalsKyle KilgardKyle Kilgard ★★★★★ I have been working with David since 2002. It’s been great to see his company grow. Friendly staff and knowledge advisors.Sandra BrooksSandra Brooks ★★★★★ js_loader

These are non-paid, client testimonials.

Our team approach to service has helped us earn a reputation for caring about our clients and we feel truly blessed that they have allowed us to be a part of their lives.

Our Combined 70 Years of Experience Will Help You Ensure a Lifetime of Financial Stability

Retirement Financial Planning

Factors such as inflation, taxes and interest rates are often considered last when planning a more comfortable retirement. As your retirement financial advisor, we provide you with a financial plan that analyzes all these while aligning with your post-work goals.

Estate Planning

Determining how to distribute the wealth you have accumulated and preserved gives you peace of mind as you reach your golden years. Enlist the help of our highly trained advisors to help ensure meticulous planning for your money and other assets.

Tax Planning

You should know about the taxable portion of your Social Security and related retirement income tax liabilities. Your financial education should go as far as helping you reduce your tax burden. Our financial advisors are well-equipped to assist you in doing so before you file your taxes.

Fiduciary Financial Advisor

The financial advisor you select to help you plan and save for retirement is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make. It’s important to find an advisor whose strategies are aligned with your needs. Another good idea when you’re looking for an advisor is to find one who is a fiduciary financial advisor.

Investment Management

Our advisors will work with you to help provide the guidance and advice you need for strong long-term investment performance. We will provide a strategy based on your specific goals and needs with individualized help every step of the way.

Rollover IRA

When it comes to growing your money over the long-term, studies have shown that tax advantage is one of the biggest benefits you could have in growing your money. Tax advantage is a main reason Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and 401(k)s are so popular when it comes to saving for retirement.

We Follow Our 7-Step Educational Process to Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals

Our first priority is helping you take care of yourself and your family. We want to learn more about your personal situation, identify your dreams and goals, and understand your tolerance for risk. Long-term relationships that encourage open and honest communication have been the foundation of our success.

  1. Identify Lifetime Objectives & Strategies 
    We don’t believe in a “cookie-cutter” approach. No two situations are alike. We tailor your financial strategies to assist you in achieving your specific lifetime goals and objectives.
  2. Determine Your Risk Profile 
    How much of your money should be in the stock market? How much should be in more conservative investments? We believe in staying within your comfort level rather than chasing short-term market returns.
  3. Understand All of Your Options 
    Some advisors are not willing to spend the time to educate you. We believe an informed client is a good client. We believe peace of mind may come from understanding your options.
  4. Build Your Portfolio 
    Your personal preferences as well as your cash flow needs are some of the factors that determine your investment allocation. In building your model, we educate you about today’s more conservative income-generating investments, so you can make informed decisions.
  5. Optimize Your Investment Allocations
    If desired, we will help you allocate the equity portion of your investments in conjunction with modern portfolio theory and mean-variance optimization.
  6. Identify Tax Reduction and Asset Preservation Strategies
    Once your investment allocation is completed, we help coordinate your affairs. Our focus is on minimizing income taxes and future death taxes as well as helping to potentially protect you and your assets from health care expenses.
  7. Schedule Regular Periodic Reviews 
    Last but certainly not least, we believe regular periodic reviews will help you stay the course. Our firm’s success in large part comes from an emphasis on client service. We strive to contact each of our clients at least four times a year.

We tailor our financial strategies based on your individual needs and goals.

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